21 Mart 2014 Cuma

Training Course on Identity Nationalism and Media

The name of the project is Identity Nationalism and Media

The project will take place in Diyarbakır / TURKEY

Date of the project is 1-8 June 2015

Number of participant are 36

Coordinator Group is Independent Volunteers

Partner countries are program countries and balkan countries and caucasian countries.

Topics of project are

To raise awareness of complexity of identity and culture

To understand different terms we use when we speak about culture, such as
culture, national culture, discrimination, cultural shock, identity, stereotypes,

to identify stereotypes which exist in modern Europe towards different
minority groups

To make links with their daily realities in their own communities and reflect
on how often they take part in the process of intercultural learning

To try to understand the influence of media over shaping and understanding
the culture in our minds

to identify reasons for discrimination of vulnerable groups

to discuss concept of national culture

to reflect on media influence of creation of national culture concepts

To understand the interdependency of cultures in globalised world

To try to find the ways we can fight the stereotypes and discrimination in our
local communities and promote peace and understanding between different

groups and cultures.

We are planning to realize this training course with from Program, Balkans and Caucasian Countries

Costs:  % 100 of accommodation, food and insurance, % 100 of travel cost will be covered.

If you would like to take part to this training course please contact with this address: volumproject@gmail.com

Deadline is 1st February 2015